A Guide To The Recruitment Process

Whether you are newly qualified, mid-level, a partner, a member of a team or seeking to develop as an in house or professional support lawyer, we offer a bespoke service designed around you. Our approach is focused on your individual abilities, personal skills and career aspirations, so we will never flood the market with your CV, never suggest approaching a client who doesn't meet your requirements and never send your CV to a client without obtaining your express permission to do so.      

The following is a step by step guide to the Lipson Lloyd-Jones service.  To see what former candidates have said about Lipson Lloyd-Jones, click here.     

The Initial Discussion

We consider every CV we receive in detail and it is our usual practice to invite candidates in to meet us in order to establish their professional and personal profiles and ascertain their precise career aspirations. Where a meeting is not possible, we will cover as much ground as possible by telephone and email.

CV Preparation

Using your own CV and the information gleaned from our discussions, we will prepare a formal CV containing a detailed account of your educational achievements, professional experience and relevant personal particulars, in a concise and accessible layout which is familiar to our clients.The CV is a powerful marketing tool and our format presents our candidates in the most favourable light, but without hyperbole. For advice on CV preparation click here.

The Search

Our client base is vast, encompassing private practices, in house departments and professional support units both nationwide and overseas. If you have utilised the search and/or update facilities on our site, you will probably have selected a number of vacancies which are of interest to you and, naturally, these will be discussed with you along with any vacancies we consider to be suitable having conducted our own search on your behalf. Our approach is both creative and lateral; no opportunity will be missed.

Approaching Employers

We never disclose information about our candidates, nor send their CVs to clients without first obtaining their express permission to do so.  

Keeping Us Informed

Please tell us about any previous approaches to potential employers, either directly or indirectly via a third party. Employers will always draw an adverse inference from the receipt of the same CV from different sources and your prospects of impressing will all but have disappeared. In some circumstances - such as passage of time since an earlier approach, a different vacancy, a personal contact - a fresh application may be advisable, but we will always discuss this with you first. Contact us.

Ongoing Search

We will continue to advise you of all new vacancies as they arise. We never forget a candidate and if you do not hear from us for a while, it is only because no fresh vacancies have arisen.If you wish to consider vacancies in legal disciplines, environments or locations other than those originally discussed, let us know and we will conduct a new search for you, or you can use our search facility yourself.


We will contact you as soon as a client requests an interview with you. Clients usually prefer candidates to contact them directly but occasionally they will give us a number of alternative dates for you to consider. Interviews should be arranged as soon as possible as prevarication can lead to a lost opportunity. We will arm you with detailed interview advice, information about the job and an insight into the client, to include brochures and other relevant literature where available.Please telephone us after your interview to let us know your views. The quicker we convey feedback to the client, the better. We will also tell you what the client thought of you. For interview advice and tips, click here.


We will inform you immediately should a client wish to make you an offer. We can assist in the negotiation of packages or terms and often this service is an effective means of preventing a face-off between the parties! However, in the majority of cases, parties negotiate offers directly.


Clients do not expect offers to be accepted immediately but they will not wait forever. If you are unsure, tell us why and we may be able to help. If you leave it too long, the offer may be withdrawn and an opportunity lost.  


References will usually be sought once an offer has been made. You should have a good idea of who your friends are amongst your potential referees so that when the issue does arise, you do not fall foul of an unexpected grudge or damaging remark. Employers generally rely upon written references alone although they occasionally seek verbal confirmation.  

Competing Offers

We will never attempt to influence you to accept the offer from our client by denigrating another offer. Any attempt by an agency to exert pressure on a candidate to accept an offer from one of their clients is unacceptable. Career decisions are too important and you need to be able to weigh up the merits of competing offers with a clear mind.


If there are any aspects of the recruitment process you would like to discuss in greater detail, please contact us. 

The personal touch

We offer the 80-odd years of specialist legal recruitment experience that most internet-led operations can't. We understand the market and its players, enabling us to provide invaluable insights and pointers. You need to make an informed decision and our job is to facilitate that.  

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