Del Mansi – Group General Counsel, Photo-Me International

Thursday, December 3, 2015
When dealing with LLJ, my point of contact has always been Lucy Boyd who for me has become 'the face of LLJ'. My experience of LLJ goes back a number of years. I have always found the service received to be first class and totally professional. Unlike other agencies in my experience, LLJ endeavour to find the right match between employer and candidate rather than adopting a scatter-gun approach which involves deluging the hapless employer with many - and largely unsuitable - CVs. LLJ's more focussed approach means that the employer will be more likely to find the right person for the role and will do so with minimum disruption to his time and energy. Also, candidates can be assured that they are treated as individuals rather than as faceless CVs to be shifted as quickly as possible. LLJ's more focussed and caring approach is to be highly commended - full marks to Lucy Boyd and the rest of the team at LLJ!