Partners, Teams and Mergers

The evolution of the legal services market has gathered pace over the last 20 years with the continuing expansion of regional firms, the influx of American practices and the focus on the creation of global mega-firms. Lateral hires have become increasingly fashionable and we have expanded our own operation to facilitate the movement of individuals, teams and entire firms within this highly specialised area of recruitment.

Our reputation for senior level placements and lateral hires makes Lipson Lloyd-Jones the first port of call for many partners, teams and firms seeking to bolt-on or merge.  We research and assess every candidate to gain a detailed picture of skillset, culture and objectives. A rigorous examination of figures and projections follows, culminating in a business plan on which we consult and which must display both cogency and sustainability.   

We approach only those clients we know or believe to be receptive to the partner/team we are representing.  At an empirical level, the aim is to marry a client's objective requirements - for example, they may be looking to graft on a litigation department to augment a growing commercial workload  - with the incoming partner/team's ability to fulfil them. But the key to every successful introduction is the matching of parties whose cultures, philosophies and working practices are compatible. 


Our analysis focuses on the partner/team's track record in generating and developing ongoing business relationships that already (or will) bear fruit. Expansion through lateral hire implies a level of established and quantifiable following that makes an introduction viable rather than one based on a hope and a prayer. We never approach a client unless we are satisfied that the projected level of following is both sustainable and compatible with their current strategy.  


A merger will often involve parties of similar strength and size. Combining two (or more) firms implies complex issues of reward and remuneration, synergy and culture, management and hierarchy, strategy and expansion. Having analysed and identified potential merger partners and effected an introduction, Lipson Lloyd-Jones remains on hand to advise on the many complex issues that inevitably arise during the course of negotiations, an essential buffer zone of expertise and experience.  

Contact Marian Lloyd-Jones, Jon Cowdry or Lisa Rose to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.